Tuesday, December 7, 2010


car ride to Disneyland...not tooo bad. Thank heaven for ipods and dvd players.
World Of Color water show. worth every min waiting in line. then waiting in line again. then waiting yet again for show to start. I will do this again. simply beautiful

all the villans were out in full force. got to love the wicked queen, maleficent,haites, gov ratcliff etc... fabulous

Waiting for muppet 3d I love the muppets

We have a picture with lightning every time we come. Cant wait for cars land to open up.

Still not quite tall enough for the big rides. come on half an inch!!

Even the tram ride route is decorated. Disney thinks of everything

Seriously this was someones costume. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! He was riding in a wheelchair with a life size coffin on top and he was the head and the rest was stuffed.

disney halloween parade. one of the perks for paying for the festivities

All halloween decorations were soo cute. even popcorn containers looked like this

Waiting for the fireworks and the parade

Kaylee waiting too but, totally fell asleep on mainstreet waiting. guess we are having way too much fun

More awesome random people costumes

My little trick or treaters gettin ready for the party to start

YUP even Ghostbusters party with the mouse


mainstreet all decked out halloween fall style

Could not leave the park until I had my fav treat. mickeys premium ice cream head. MMMM

TOON TOWN. Dont really love it here. what we do for our kids.....
Last night in Disneyland. dont worry we will be back...sooner then we know


TOO FUNNY> read it if you can. " by order of the Toon town power company, opening this door is absolutely,positively and unquestionably forbidden. Unless you really feel like it."

NIghtmare before Christmas themed Haunted mansion

DISNEY WAS TRUELY WICKED FUN!!! If you ever can I highly recomend going soooo worth it

I love Halloween. I always have. no doubt about it. all the weirdos make me feel...well, comfortable. It makes me laugh at the creativity of some costumes and of course lets not forget the classics. This year Ryan decided to take us all to Disneyland to find out how Mickey celebrated all hallows eve. Well, let me just say this...PARTY!!!!!!! Way fun. We are going to do that again. the decorations are awesome.The characters are all in the coolest costumes. And oh The TRICK OR TREAT HALLOWEEN PARTY WAS THE BEST!!. yes it cost a lot of extra money but, soooo worth it. lights special effects on castles fog machines and awesome Halloween music. People wearing the most fabulous costumes ever and more candy then you could eat in a year. we will definitely be doing that again.


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  2. Didn't know you had a blog! We will have to stay in touch this way. Hope your trip to Disney was magical, it sure looked that way!

  3. Such cute pics, Trisha! Looks like a great trip. And I LOVE your post from september :)