Thursday, March 24, 2011

The tooth fairy needs a better Job

So, in my house we have an 8 yr old who is going to make the little tooth fairy go broke! It seems like as soon as the first tooth fell out they have all seemed to follow suit. I (the tooth fairy) have had to remember to keep cash on hand. Cause the kids don't take plastic. Anyway the first tooth= 5 bucks. I know all of you are freaking out!! All we got was a quarter or two. but, let me tell you this......the tooth fairy across the street is handing out 20's. and the neighbor kids talk!! maybe there should be a meeting of the toothfairys before I have another conversation that goes like this. "Mom, I got 2 bucks for my tooth. " hunny,that's great!" 'not really, I think the tooth fairy needs to get a better job" Whats better then a tooth fairy?? I think it would be great. you get to fly around sneek into houses and leave a little cash for the little ones. however there is a huge downside! Having to haul all those nasty little teeth around. Anyway, My little kk lost yet another tooth. (crap! I only have a few quarters) she will understand right? Next morning after she left for school I found a little note on her bed addressed to the tooth fairy

Dear Tooth fairy,
I really wanted 10 dollars for my tooth.
I want to buy an art kit.
could you please try harder next time?

love kaylee

Some day she will understand. I love my sweet girl. Oh how her little mind works.


  1. Cracks me up, every time! Sweet Kaylee, sure miss you all!

  2. Awesome KK - Love that girl! If she wants to earn another 2 bucks she can come pick up dog poop in my back yard :)

  3. haha LOVE THIS!!! love that you have blogged more recently! this is sooooo funny :)