Sunday, May 19, 2013

oh heeeeey!!

Been a freaking long time!! So long.....that we have actually added another tiny human to our crew. Peyton was born in October and is almost 7 months! What???????  Kaylee is finishing 4th grade. And my little Jaxon is getting ready for kindergarten!! Everyday school! Holla!!!!!!!  Then just me and baby have a few hours alone 5 days a week!  What will we do you ask???? Im hoping for a nap from time to time. ( like when I was a mom of 1).
 My little family has not been the only ones expanding!  Both yes,BOTH of my little sisters got married this last yr. It was a busy year for everyone to say the least.  Britt married Joe in August.  It was such a beautiful wedding with party hardy dancing at the end!! And there was this very pregnant mama keeping up with the beat and not going into labor!! ( she's awesome ;)).  Aubri got married to Bryce before Christmas.  Her wedding was beautiful and cold!! Good thing there was yummy hot soup and another awesome dance party to keep you warm. one things for sure, Poulsens can throw a party!!!!!!  And GOOD NEWS!! I could dance the night away because I wasn't pregnant at this wedding! Thank goodness.  I just have to say that my sisters chose the best men to be their husbands!! I sleep well knowing they are being loved and protected by these amazing guys. 
So, the yr ended pretty good. I was hopeful for a fairly calm new yr.  That was not in the plans.  My beautiful 12 yr old niece was diagnosed with leukemia at the end of January.  Rough start to the new yr is an understatement.  Here we are in April and she is doing great!! Currently cancer free!! Starting another round of chemo to get ready for bone marrow transplant.  We have witnessed many miracles and tender mercies through this process. And for that I am grateful. I may not understand Gods plan and why people have to suffer such great trials.....but I do understand Gods unwavering love for each of us.  Never has this been more apparent to me.  This last week I had my own trial of my faith.  Last Friday I woke to find my Baby Peyton having seizure!! Worst 40 or so seconds of my life!!  Not knowing how to help your child is absolutely the worst feeling I have ever experienced.  I have never had to call 911 for my self. Always someone else.  to call for help for my child was something I hope to never experience ever again.  I am thankful for the woman on the other end of the phone who stayed with me till help arrived..  The paramedics were an amazing group of men!!! Soo professional and compassionate.  I was less fearful with them in my home.. Also, my brother in law Matt came over and gave Peyton a priesthood blessing.  I believe in the power of those blessing and cling to the words for strength!  Doctors at primary's are wonderful doctors.  We are so blessed to have such an awesome hospital right in our own back yard!  Hope to never visit there too often in my life though!  Peyton has been cleared by a neurologist and I am trying to relax and put the images of that morning out of my mind.  I am trying to get back to our normal.  Trying to be worthy of the blessings that My Father in heaven has given us.  Here is to a better year!! . . . . .   So, this was written a month ago, alot gas gone on.  For Peyton had another seizure. :(. Most likely caused by another ear infection and Spike in temperature.  The neurologist said it would most likely happen again the last time she had one. But I didn't want to believe her.  She said if it ever happened again and if I felt panic to call 911.  ( of course moms don't panic, said NO one EVER). Well , during lunch Peyton did it again. :(. So of course we called 911. Paramedics arrived and said its totally normal.....sent us to primary's and again was told it was normal and that she would most likely grow out of them.  So how am I doing you ask?  Not sure really.  Kinda ticked off if you want to know the truth.   I guess it really could be worse. I know other family's and their children are dealing with alot worse.  Now I guess I got to chill out, remember the peace that comes from heavenly father. And let him help and protect my children.  After all he is still their father and was their parent first! 

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