Monday, March 29, 2010

Deal or no Deal

Saturday night was starting to wind down and we were all a little tired. Ry was playingX-box and I was watching some mindless t.v. I decided to get out our Deal or no Deal game for the DVD. I called for kaylee cause well, frankly I was to lazy to get up. i wanted to play the 2 player version with her. so i explained it to her : "okay so, you know the show that we sometimes watch ?? ya!! okay, it is just like that, so the whole idea is to see how much money we can win. we pick cases and then decide DEAL OR NO DEAL. Kaylee:" well I have already decided I'm not taking less then 452,000". Mom:" we haven't even started yet". Kaylee:" I know I just want what I want". Mom: "well I cant argue that kind of logic". Any way I went first and right away knock out the million dollar case. (Like the title says that's how I roll) anyway kaylee was doing great so the time came to pick either the case you picked @ the beginning of the game or to switch. My choices were 100,000 dollars or 75'000 . kaylee had a choice between 25.00 or 400.000 bucks we made our fate full decisions and I walked away with 100,000 and kaylee with 400,000. so we laughed and turned off the game and Kaylee says: so, 400,000 dollars huh?? well, when will they be delivering the money??? Well it is my fault I did say it is just like the game on TV. If this is how things work then the monopoly guy owes me billions!!!!!

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