Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is it okay to laugh @ church??

okay so here it goes Chrissy this is just for you !!!!!
so For the past 2 years I have been blessed to live directly across the street from my big brother and big sister. Yes I know what you are all thinking.... are you starting a cult?...and you would be right!! but, if you are thinking of joining we will make you eat a raw chicken on your first visit. So, living by the sibs has its benefits, like always having someone to sit by at church. which as you all know that means double the children and of course more snacks to go around. but, with all of this closeness comes complete and utter chaos. for example: My sister little guy was playing with a plastic woody doll.( you know the one from Toy Story) anyway Right away I make an obsrevation that this particular woody doll has by far the biggest boots I have ever seen!!!!! way out of porportion for the actual size of the doll. So, naturally I start to quietly laugh ....lean foreward over the pew and say "man!!!!! that doll has some big ol boots." and my sister without turning her head says: "well, you know what they say....the bigger the boots..." so i chuckle to myself and My sweet little daughter says" mom, so the bigger the boots the bigger the woody?" well..... Ha ha I could not help myself . so to avoid being stared at by the other members in the congregation our whole 2 rows put there heads down and start doing that bobbing up and down laugh. Of course the kids have no idea why the adults are laughing. And I would like to keep it that way. Why do all the best gut busting laughs happen at the quietest times during church?? Because God has blessed us with the gift of laughter. now my dirty mind ..... well, that is all my sisters fault. ( did you honestly think I was going to take the blame for laughing in church??)


  1. I'm so excited that you finally started this. I've heard this story already and it still made me laugh out loud! But you have to post more often than I do, cause I need a good laugh more than twice a year. :)

  2. The most I have ever laughed was at my sister's wedding. She was having some anxiety and we'd been waiting FOREVER for the happy couple to come in. My grandmother finally leaned over and said "Can't they just wheel her in her?" And that laugh starts. That trying-not-to-and-that's-making-it-worse laugh. Why is it that the best laughs happen in church - or in this case, the temple? I agree. God has blessed us with the gift of laughter!