Thursday, May 20, 2010

I wish Santa were real

so, my husband has dreams that most men do. New tools that match and are pretty and shiney. Oh and lets not forget the huge shiney tool chest with all the drawers to put all thoes tools. So we headed out to sears to look. (never to buy). As Ryan is searching the endless shelves of tools that he THINKS that he needs. One would think that over 10 yrs of building houses would provide you with enough tools to last a lifetime. Not so. anyway, so im counting up this tab and I said" 900 dollars?? and we havent even looked at thoes tool chests yet. "well too bad poodle we cant afford that. Kaylee pipes in and says" dad, just ask santa to bring it for you he has everything" Ryan mutters under his breath to me" I wish that I wasnt Santa"

1 comment:

  1. My Ryan drools around all those tools too. Somehow he talked me into letting him get one of those shiny boxes to store everything in. Its immaculate! Almost OCD like. Crazy Men!! Hope you had fun at Disneyland. :) (Like its possible not too.)