Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Going all Vampire

So I will be honest I read the first book in the twilight series. It sucked. Needy vampires, clingy girls, wanna be cool people, I thought I finished High school. no offense to all you weirdos who liked the books to you I say"bless your hearts" Only a few of you know how funny that really is. My kids and I decided to walk to the park yesterday and have a picnic and play for a while. On the way Kaylee was talking to me about a boy that she has a crush on at school. She said "mom he was wearing a yellow shirt on the fun run so I could easily spot him."" I had to be careful though ,cause I almost went all Vampire on him" You want to suck his blood? I asked. ( wow if that is true you are a lot freakier then I thought) "no mom, I was going to kiss him. Oh well so if that is the case when your dad gets home I am going to go all vampire on him!! "" mom, please let that be the end of your story"

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  1. How old is she?! 13!! lol You guys are in Big trouble. She's so funny!!