Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear God,

Please help me to find peace. Please help me to tolerate others. please help me to be more Christlike even when I really would rather be mean. Please help me to find forgiveness for those that wrong me. please help me to find my faith. Please help me to remember that Home is where my Family is. I know this list is long. but, trust me you know the list in my heart is much much longer. I want to thank you for being in my life. for reminding me everyday that there is good still in this world. By giving me sunshine through the clouds, children's I love yous, All the love it love its I can stand. sweet nieces and nephews hugs that melt my heart. a sisters text that makes me feel at peace. A father that reminds me to hold to my faith. and my husband who constantly brings me back to my faith when I fall. love, me

1 comment:

  1. big. LOVE YOU TUTE! life sure does suck sometimes... but we always manage to make it through one problem and too the next stronger than ever! think of how far you've made it- people call problems "set backs" but i don't think that's accurate. I think they should be "set forwards" because you aren't moving backwards you are moving forward in a different direction than you planned. i love you SO VERY MUCH! you are great! head high!