Friday, April 22, 2011

Rearview mirrors

this morning I read a quote that really made me think. "sometimes God reveals Himself in rear view mirrors" think about it when you are driving how often do you look in your rear view mirror? Yes there are the obvious when changing lanes etc etc... But so many times SO many are much more focused on the road ahead ONLY. We often forget to look back. have you ever had a trial SO big that you don't know how you will ever survive? And then somehow we come out a lot stronger then we ever thought possible. This is called the refiners fire. Got to say sometimes not a big fan of fire. Then we find ourselves saying how did we make it through? this is the time to look back into your "rear view mirror" you will find that there are all these little steps that may seem SO insignificant at the time but, were really key in helping us through. God placed these "stumbling" blocks. and it is our job to use them as stepping stones. I have truly been blessed in my life, and I am guilty of not looking in my "rear view mirror" to see that God was with me the whole time.

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