Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Thankful Heart

I think for me being a mom is going to be the hardest most rewarding job I will ever have. Think about it. If we got paid for all the crap we do.......Man I would have more money then Mr. Monopoly. I am a chauffer( is that how you spell it?) a chef, a therapist, an EMT, seamstress, teacher, friend, problem solver. And that is just for the kids!! Who am I kidding the same applies for my husband.

This all being said. I am still soo happy to do it. And a lot of the time do all this without a thank you. But today I got my Thank you in a big way. Today was our primary program. For those who don't know what this is. Its where the sweet primary age children get to share through song what they have been learning about all year. This year our theme is . Be Excited About Reading Scriptures. I feel like I got more out of this theme then they did. It is hard to find that desire to sit and read when life is making you crazy. Lately I have only been turning to my scriptures when life seems to hand me a bunch of Lemons. I should be turning to them more often then I do. So, that when life does hand me these freakin lemons. I wont want to squirt them in someones eye. Instead I will want to make lemonade.

When those little chickens stood up and BELTED out those songs, and SHOUTED eternal truths into the microphone it made my heart happy. Not only were these kids singing, they were streghthening many testimonies of those that were in attendance. Mine included. This is very reassuring to a mother of two busy kids, that when all is said and done they do listen. When It counts.
A big thanks to all the primary leaders. You are amazing!!

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