Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Teacher said.....

So, little man you are 4 today. I am soo grateful for you. Everyday you make me laugh, cry,wonder and sometimes even make me want to kill you. I still would not trade you in or sell you to the Gypsies, even though I threaten too. So, I was talking to my mom and she said your kids are soo funny you should really be writing this stuff down. so here goes.
"Jaxon did you eat a whole pat of butter out of the fridge?" "mom, my primary teacher said that my body is a temple." "That's right buddy,do you know what that means?' "nope! but, the temple sure likes butter!" How do you argue that??

" Jaxon you better move your butt or I am going to kick it! cause you know buddy butts are for kicking!" "Mom....... butts are for pooping!"

Jaxon,please don't sit there and whine, just go clean your room." "Mom, I'm not sitting and Whining I'm standing and Whining" How do you try to reason with a 4 yr old?? You don't. just enjoy every moment cause they will slip by fast. Happy Birthday buddy!!! I love you

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